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Marshall Stockwell

Looking for a lightweight, travel-friendly Bluetooth speaker that does not skimp on volume or sound quality? Then look no further than the Stockwell.

I bought mine last summer (2016) at Best Buy for about $250. Since, I have seen it on sale for as little as $89 😤–maybe I should have waited until Black Friday to get it! Right now the best deal I can find is on Amazon for $213.19. I know that you can find many wireless speakers at or below this price point, but it’s worth the investment.

All About That Bass (& Treble)

My favorite aspect of the Stockwell is that it packs quite a punch in the bass department. Sometimes I have to turn the bass down as it can be a little too much in smaller spaces. For its compact size, this thing really sounds amazing with deep lows and clear, crisp (not tinny) highs. It also gets very loud! I have used with no problem it even in large rooms set up for 100+ people.

Pack and Play

My Stockwell goes everywhere. I can easily shove it in my backpack or throw it in a carry-on when I’m on the road. Since it has Bluetooth functionality and a battery that seems to never quit, I can go wireless anytime, anywhere. I usually put it on a charger at night so I’m good the next day.

Why Invest?

I usually train groups of 20-50 teachers in meetings rooms at hotels or in classrooms at schools. Since I incorporate music and video into my presentations, I need a reliable, high quality sound system to provide a great experience for my audiences. When I first started presenting, I would just connect my laptop to the “house sound” and hope for the best. Not a good idea-some of the best locations have the worst sound! Static. Crackling. Or the worst: SILENCE. Not OK. So, investing in a great portable speaker was a no-brainer. Maybe you need a great sounding speaker that you can take on the road, too. I recommend the Stockwell for its portability, great performance and sleek, retro look.

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